Kadran, Emoko, Bloc in Bloc, immodvisor and Gibbox : these five Nantes startups are founding members of the French PropTech movement, which began in Nantes and Montpellier. On the occasion of the CES trade show held in Las Vegas from 8 to 11 January 2020, discover these startups that are revolutionizing the real estate sector.


Kadran, the startup that auctions properties

Kadran is the 1st platform for increasing-price and decreasing-price interactive auctions in France. Since it opened in Nantes in 2017, more than 600 auctions have been held with a success rate of 67%. The benefit for developers is that they can test the price point in a commercial pre-launch, generate a list of qualified buyers, and increase their profit margins on popular properties and liquidate unsold stocks via decreasing-price auctions. Kadran already works with about twenty developers including Nexity, Bouygues, Icade, Marignan and Capelli.

Emoko: the new property sales experience based on immersion and simulation

Created in 2016 in Nantes, Emoko develops innovative technological solutions to accelerate the real estate purchase process. It offers developers, builders and architects a 3D service platform designed to attract customers and help them make their purchase decisions.
The platform enables developers to create configurators for each apartment or building using BIM and automation. The idea is to provide a real-time 3D virtual experience with multiple interfaces (web, mobile, VR, etc.), with everything from virtual tours to a powerful 3D configurator, and even post-sale interactive services.

Bloc in Bloc, augmented reality on construction sites

Based in Nantes, the startup Bloc In Bloc is developing an augmented reality application for worksite monitoring and maintenance. This application allows people to collaborate on construction or renovation projects in augmented reality by selecting customizable filters.
Based on Open BIM (.ifc and .bcf files) and combined augmented reality, the application delivers more fluid collaboration between the various stakeholders and helps reduce non-quality, a drain on the industry estimated at 15 billion euros.

Immodvisor supports real estate professionals when it comes to their e-reputation

Specialists in both real estate and digital tech, Immodvisor has created a unique solution for collecting and posting verified customer reviews, enabling real estate professionals to increase their visibility on the first page of Google. The company, created in Nantes in 2014, now has 8,000 customers who use the solution. Immodvisor also developed the 1st customer review site dedicated to the real estate and housing sectors: immodvisor.com. At the cutting edge of technology, Immodvisor uses blockchain technology to verify the authenticity of Immodvisor reviews. Their customers include Cogedim, I@D France, Foncia, Maison Dréan, Plazza Immobilier, Maisons France Conforts, VousFinancer, Propriétés-Privées.com and more.

Gibbox, the 3D rendering platform for real estate properties

Launched in 2018, the Gibbox platform was born when an architect, Ollivier Hesse, met a web developer, Xavier Bruand. The idea is to develop a web application to accelerate property sales through virtual renderings. The images reveal the hidden potential of a property, and enable buyers to visualise themselves in their future homes. Real estate agents can sell their properties faster. The platform is now fully automated thanks to artificial intelligence, making it the best value on the market, while maintaining superior rendering quality. It is used in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Southeast Asia.

Join Unik.x, a building dedicated to PropTech

With the urban renewal of the Ile de Nantes, Nantes is the only city in France that boasts 350 buildable hectares in the city centre. Entrusted to internationally famous urban planners and architects, the renewal is ongoing and has helped make Nantes the European Capital of Innovation 2019.
Would you like to join the Nantes PropTech sector? Comprising 5,000m2, the Unik.x building (video below) is the first demonstrator of its kind to connect PropTech actors, residents and students, in order to innovate together for novel, sustainable housing solutions.

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