Digital Week: Nantes becomes the digital tech capital in September

Launched in 2014, Nantes Digital Week has become a highly anticipated event in Nantes.

Launched in 2014, Nantes Digital Week has become a highly anticipated event in Nantes. From 17 to 27 September 2015, Nantes Métropole is organizing the second annual Nantes Digital Week. The program includes one hundred events for professionals and the general public. 


100 events, 30 locations, 80 contributors

Digital tech is a world in perpetual motion. For ten days, the Nantes digital ecosystem, at the forefront of innovation, will present, share and communicate on the latest digital trends.

From 17 to 27 September 2015, all the Nantes-based associations, clusters, businesses, start-ups and researchers will be putting on one hundred events on digital culture.

The program includes conferences, exhibits, performances and fun, interactive workshops on various themes: digital art and heritage, economy-innovation-employment, gamers and makers, scientific and technical culture, equality, youth and education.


Among the major events of this 2015 edition:

> European Planetary Science Congress: Europe's largest scientific conference on planetary science.

> Robotic Day: The robotic day is an opportunity for young and old to discover the latest robotic innovations, with over 40 humanoid, industrial and household robots.

> Treasure hunt at Technocampus: an invitation to take a virtual journey through the economy of Saint-Nazaire.

> Scopitone Festival: the internationally renowned digital arts and music festival celebrates its 14th edition at Stéréolux.

> Forum "What is a smart city?" organized by La Tribune.

> Festival D: Discover the world of maker labs.


>> For more information about the event and locations, go to Nantes Digital Week 2015