The new train station in Nantes will double its capacity in 2020

The quality of passenger services is a key component of the architectural project

The quality of passenger services is a key component of the architectural project 

A fully glazed walkway 160 m long and 25 m wide, resting on 18 columns in the shape of white trees above the tracks is part of the ambitious project of Rudy Ricciotti, architect of the MUCEM of Marseille, who has just been selected to renovate the Nantes train station by 2020.  

Spaces and services for passengers 

The main challenge is to accommodate the two-fold increase in the number of passengers, expected to increase from 12 to 25 million annually by 2030.

But the aim is also to improve the quality of passenger services. The existing buildings will be renovated to make the train station brighter and more welcoming. The mezzanine walkway located above the tracks will feature shops and services (reception, waiting room, newsagent, take away, food service and more).

The new station, which should be completed in late 2019, is a landmark project of the urban redevelopment efforts in Nantes. Located between the new Euronantes business district and the Botanical Gardens, it will serve as a link between urban infrastructure and nature. 

Facilitate connections with Paris

Business travellers will also enjoy easier access and smoother connections. Located at the south exit of the station, the Euronantes business district, where large companies like Capgemini are located, will benefit from easier travel to and from decision centres in Paris.  

The Pays de la Loire Region and Nantes Métropole are the main contributors, financing the new train station project to the tune of 40 million euros each.