The International Convention on Marine Renewable Energies is being held in Nantes

At the cutting-edge of the Marine Renewable Energy sector, Nantes Saint-Nazaire will be hosting the Thetis international convention from 20 to 21 May 2015.

At the cutting-edge of the Marine Renewable Energy sector, Nantes Saint-Nazaire will be hosting the Thetis international convention from 20 to 21 May 2015. 

An emerging sector on a global scale, the Marine Renewable Energy (MRE) industry is stepping up a gear in Nantes Saint-Nazaire. Reflecting this momentum, the region is hosting the International Convention on Marine Renewable Energies. Thetis MRE will be held from 20 to 21 May 2015, preceded by Les Assises nationales EMR (the MRE conference) on 19 May. Professionals from around the world are expected in the economic capital of Western France to discuss the potential of the MRE sector and identify new opportunities in the French market.  


Research centres, skilled labour, offshore wind testing sites, numerous high-tech SMEs and plants, industry players and public and private research facilities work hand in hand to give birth to major marine renewable energy (MRE) projects in Nantes Saint-Nazaire. From bottom-mounted and floating offshore wind farms up to tidal, marine current and wave energy, all these technologies will be developped on the territory.


2 offshore wind farms off the coast of Nantes Saint-Nazaire 

While two of France's biggest offshore wind farms are to be established on the Atlantic coast, this convention is the opportunity to demonstrate how the Nantes Saint-Nazaire region is developing this renewable energy source, along with the new economic activities that ensue. Built off the coast of Saint-Nazaire, the first farm, due to be brought into service in 2018, will host 80 wind turbines, each of 6 MW, over an area of 47 km²


Offshore wind power: half of the sector's jobs created in France  

Three thousand new jobs are being created in the Nantes Saint-Nazaire area as a result of this development, i.e. half of all jobs in the offshore wind sector in France. 

Significant investment is planned. Pivotal to the construction of the offshore wind farm, the ports around Nantes Saint-Nazaire will host operation and maintenance centres. 

Alstom has just established two production sites in Saint-Nazaire: one for the generators and a second for the wind turbine nacelles.


About Thetis MRE: "a green energy to generate more blue growth" 

The Thetis MRE international convention was established in 2011 to support the development of these green energies as a source of "blue growth", and meet the expectations of MRE players.

Aimed at professionals, each year, Thetis MRE takes place in a location recognised as being at the cutting-edge of the MRE sector. After Bordeaux, Brest and Cherbourg, all eyes turn to Nantes Saint-Nazaire, where more than 400 exhibitors and 4,000 visitors are expected (40% from outside France), including manufacturers, energy engineers, major industry leaders, SMEs, research centres, institutional players, engineering schools and universities. The event is sponsored by major industry leaders from the wind energy sector including DCNS, GDF Suez, Alstom, Besse, EDF, RTE and Scottish Development international.