The World Conference on Titanium, the international convention of science hubs and innovation clusters, and the congress of the French Society for Blood Transfusion are just a few features on the programme of forums due to be held in Nantes, of which the expert sectors draw ever more global gatherings to the city.

Each year, Nantes hosts an increasing number of international symposiums, which reflect the city’s economic dynamism and boost revenue for local firms. 
So it is no coincidence that most conventions taking place in Nantes relate to either  health and biotechnology or manufacturing and industry, two of the urban area’s expert market sectors.

These annual assemblies are events that bring together all professionals, prescribers, researchers and scientists involved in cutting-edge fields. 

The Strength of Research Partnerships

In Nantes, we’re lucky to have a highly dynamic economic environment,” underlines Olivier Le Floch, Sales Director for Economic Productions and Partnerships at La Cité des congrès convention centre. “To help boost Nantes’ quality and attractiveness, La Cité des congrès convention centre has, since 2006, established partnerships with sixteen local institutes in research and teaching. These alliances greatly enhance the appeal of Nantes as a destination for congresses and showcase the expertise of our local researchers, scientists, professors and talents.

Excellence in Biotechnology and Manufacturing

As proof of its appeal, Nantes will be hosting many international gatherings in 2019. More than 1,000 participants are expected to come to each event. This should be the case for the veterinary medicine convention, the congress of the French Society for Blood Transfusion, the World Conference on Titanium and the Composites Meetings  business forum, which brings together all professionals in the industry of composite materials in Nantes every two years.
Nantes is also especially proud to host, for the first time, the annual congress of science hubs and innovation clusters, grouped together in the global network IASP (International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation). These professionals in innovation ecosystems throughout the world will be coming to stay in Nantes from 25 to 27 September to share practices and present new business development models, based on the theme of the fourth industrial revolution. Once again, over 1,000 congress participants are due to arrive, coming from more than seventy countries to be in Nantes from 25 to 27 September 2019.

“Congresses boost economic growth”

Hosting international congresses in our local area means boosting economic growth. And with our city’s new developments (Heron Tree, train station, and so forth), we are very optimistic about the coming years,” says Olivier Le Floch.        

> The main international congresses scheduled at La Cité des congrès convention centre in Nantes in 2019:

Health Congresses:

24-26 April: IAFP’S European Symposium on Food Safety
15-17 May: Veterinary Medicine Conference (Journées nationales des Groupements techniques vétérinaires)
3-5 July: International Conference on Medicinal Chemistry (Rencontres Internationales de Chimie Thérapeutique - RICT 2019)
28-30 August: Annual Meeting of the Society for Magnetic Resonance Angiography - SMRA
18-20 September: Congress of the French Society for Blood Transfusion (Société Française de Transfusion Sanguine)
12-14 November: Congress of the French Society for Immunology (Société française d’immunologie)

Manufacturing and Industry Congresses

6-8 May: Euroheat & Power Congress
11-14 June: World Conference on Titanium
8-12 July: 25th General Congress of the French Society for Physics (Société Française de Physique)
17-19 September: SAMPE (Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering) Europe Conference – Composites
25-27 September: IASP 2019 - Annual Congress of Science Hubs and Innovation Clusters - Centres of competitiveness
2-3 October: Waste Management Forum (Assises nationales des déchets)
15-17 October: Congress of the French Society of Process Engineering (Société Française de génie des procédés)
13-14 November: Composites Meetings  business convention