AERIUS Marine: 30 more jobs in Saint-Nazaire

AERIUS Marine: 30 more jobs in Saint-Nazaire

AERIUS Marine strengthens its teams in Saint-Nazaire.

AERIUS Marine had chosen to open its assembly and outfitting site in Saint-Nazaire to be closer to its local customer, STX France, and, by this, better satisfy his needs. We also choose to come here for the availability of skilled, trained and flexible workforce as well as a strong local supplier base”, explains Thomas Arlit, CEO of AERIUS Marine. AERIUS Marine core business is a market leading system integrator of maritime Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) solutions. This contains the entire supply chain from design studies, selection and supply of components, installation to commissioning and after sales service. AERIUS Marine is focused on the passenger and navy-ship segments. Besides, AERIUS Marine has got competences in Navy Fire Fighting Systems.

Shipbuilding : 30 new jobs in Saint-Nazaire

We were surprised how strong and active the management from the political side is, aiming to attract companies from other countries to settle in greater Nantes Saint-Nazaire region. This gives us the very strong feeling to be wanted… in contrast to a few other countries, where we do business, and have at maximum the feeling to be tolerated”, continues Thomas Arlit.  

The company has a total workforce of around 400 employees in Germany, UK, India and France (20 permanent). "We intend to hire 30 employees in Saint-Nazaire”

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