A new video to promote the economic vitality of Nantes Saint-Nazaire

A new video to promote the economic vitality of Nantes Saint-Nazaire

"Nantes Saint-Nazaire is calling all bold thinkers," proclaims the new promotional video. Share it widely.

The promotional video released in early November illustrates Nantes Saint-Nazaire's new ambition to showcase its economic attractiveness. The quirky, fast-paced, creative video filmed in the inventive style of director Michel Gondry is the work of the agency "Les Beaux Matins". It is a bold statement that visually represents the area's attractiveness, built around vitality, innovation and creativity.

Promote the economic vitality

The economic vitality, the excellent universities, the major urban renewal projects, the quality of life and the efficiency of the networks are all showcased as ingredients that enhance the attractiveness of this extraordinary area, where the world's largest airplanes and cruise ships are built. Here, in digital tech, the creative industries, shipbuilding and aircraft construction, the spirit of Jules Verne pushes everyone to be more creative.

Attract businesses and employees

Developed to showcase the attractiveness of Nantes Saint-Nazaire, the video promotes the metro area to new businesses, future employees and professional and sports event planners. Each year, Nantes Saint-Nazaire already hosts more than 1,000 professional events and several hundred national and international delegations. Local businesses want to show their clients, international suppliers and potential investors how much the area has to offer. By providing excellent service to new businesses, employees or events, and showing people what makes the local community so dynamic, you are creating future admirers who will carry the message far and wide and help the area prosper.

A collaborative approach

Coordinated by the economic agency Nantes Saint-Nazaire Développement, the promotional video is part of an ambitious programme to promote the vitality of the local economy, supported by 400 partners, including institutional actors (Nantes Métropole, Saint-Nazaire Agglomération, the Nantes Saint-Nazaire CCI) and the business community.

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