Present in seven European countries, the debt-collection specialist Link Financial has opened a branch in Nantes and will double its workforce by the end of 2019.

Since 1999, Link Financial has specialised in purchasing portfolios of unpaid outstanding sums from banks and credit institutions, both in consumer and corporate credit. The group employs 700 people and has 2.5 million customers.

Workforce doubled by the end of 2019

The Nantes team is currently made up of twelve people. Guillaume de Trogoff, the managing director of the group’s French firm, has announced that the workforce will be doubled by the end of 2019. For this occasion, he explained to us the group’s founding principle in terms of recruitment: “Jobs in debt collection are very difficult and delicate to perform each day. One of the group’s main challenges it has set itself is respect for customers. We are therefore highly careful regarding employees’ expertise. A team is specifically dedicated to resolutions out of court, which come before legal proceedings”.

Ethical exemplarity: a priority in recruitment

To respect the group’s ethics, candidates are hired even if they do not have any experience or certain qualifications and are then given a three-week training course: “We prefer candidates who have not acquired any working methods or habits so they can abide by our values,” explains Guillaume de Trogoff. However, those in the legal department should have a solid experience of around fifteen years and a Master’s degree in law.

Good links between Nantes and London

While “the attractiveness of Nantes and especially the quality of life it offers had an influence on the decision to move to this city”, it was also the closeness of Nantes to Paris that determined this choice, as did the city’s connections with London. The local labour pool conducive to future recruitment played a big role too.


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