The University of Nantes to host an Institute of European studies

In September, an Institute of European studies - unique in France - will open for business in Nantes.

In September, an Institute of European studies - unique in France - will open for business in Nantes 

"Alliance Europa" is the name of the brand new European university institute that will open in Nantes at the start of the new academic year in September 2015. Its ambition? To become one of France's leading national training centres, with a dual focus on a cross-disciplinary approach and professionalisation. 

Led by the University of Nantes, the unique feature of this project lies in its capacity to federate the worlds of teaching, research, business and associations. With a regional reach, it will bring together 700 students and 120 teaching and research staff from 20 research laboratories attached to the Universities of Nantes, Le Mans and Angers. 


Why Nantes?

The decision to locate the institute in Nantes was deliberate. It stems from the "complementarity between a rich academic provision and a dense network of associations relating to European issues". Nantes already offers an Ordinary Degree in European Studies and a dozen or so specialised Masters Degrees (e.g: European project engineering). This provision will be enriched by the creation of joint degree programmes delivered in partnership with universities outside France.   


Potential vacancies for European researchers 

"Over the next five years, we would like to recruit around ten European - or indeed international - researchers, in the fields of law, history and foreign civilization", says Michel Catala, professor at the University of Nantes and the brains behind the project. 


European Idea Factory 

A European Idea Factory is set to be launched alongside the institute. A think tank and innovative project incubator, the project is currently being assembled in partnership with the local network of associations dedicated to societal innovation.


Further information on the University of Nantes website.